How’s the Rosary month going?

How is your October Rosary going?

We are in October once again, and as a catholic you are well aware that this month is dedicated to the praying of the holy rosary. If you haven’t been taking the rosary serious, this is the time to start.

St. John Paul lI once said his favorite prayer is the Rosary. Why? Because it helps him reflect on the life of Christ the the path to salvation.

October was selected as the rosary month because of the incredible victory of Christians at the battle of Lepanto which started on October 7, 1571 .The Muslims had decided to conquer every corner of the world and spread their religion and empire, but through the Holy Rosary, they were stopped in their tracks by the Christian army . Despite their greater number, they were defeated in that famous battle.

Anyway, let’s come back to the question; how is your rosary month going?

It’s true that we are very busy. We leave home very early to work or school and return very late and tired. Don’t be like Mary’s (not BVM) sister Martha in Luke 10:38-42. All our activities that keep us busy are important, but sitting at the feet of Jesus is the ultimate.

Here are a few ways to make the best of the rosary month:

a. Join your parish to pray: Parishioners of Our lady star of the Sea parish come together every evening to pray the rosary at 6:30pm. What time does your parish come together ?

b. Find another parish : Is 6:30pm a bad time for you? Why don’t you join a parish near your office or workplace during lunch time?

c. Quiet Time: I believe before October we all have what we call quiet time every morning. Why don’t you pray the rosary during your quiet time?

d. Pray in public transport : This is one of my favorite. Most times we sit in public transport to and from work or school, what do we do in the bus? Do we sit idle and stare at stuff? How about praying the rosary? Praying in the public transport can also be used as as a means of evangelization. When someone sees you with the rosary and making the sign of the cross, you could be the one to change his life even without talking. Why don’t you try that and see.

e. Pray with your family : A family that prays together stays together. When I was a child, my dad will mobilize every member of the family to the hall at 7:30pm. We will kneel around the center table which has been prepared as an “altar” with the crucifix , lit candles, statue or image of our Blessed Virgin Mary and pray. Through that I learned how to say the Rosary prayers in Twi. Our family is united and continues to enjoy the Lord’s blessings.

f. Take a walk: At lunch time, you can spend 30 minutes taking a stroll around your work place and pray the rosary.

g. Audio recording : I bought this CD some years back which contained the rosary prayer. I’m sure you may have come across it. It has a song which has this line I love “Help is to know your son, Jesus true God and True man, the joyful mysteries we share , as we walk with with you hand in hand ……”. With this audio recording , I listen and pray along during my free time instead of listening to non productive songs.

h. Carry a rosary or wear the ring: If you always have the rosary in your pocket , you will always be reminded to pray the rosary. One reason why I love the ring is that those little “spikes” around it always pricks me and brings my mind to it.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 tells us to pray without ceasing. We don’t pray just because we have to pray, but to show our dependence on God rather than ourselves.

Commit an petition to the Lord in this rosary month and see what happens at the end of this month.

How do you pray the rosary? I would like to know.

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