Knights of St. John Int. and Ladies auxilliary

The Knights of St. John International commandery #825 and Ladies Auxiliary #691 of Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish was inaugurated on the 20th of December 2014 with 24 brothers and almost 40 Sisters. This was after years of being with St. Margaret Mary Commandery #500 and Ladies Auxiliary  #421.

Due to the growth of the numbers of the Star of the Sea members, there was a need to set up a commandery and ladies auxiliary. After the Inauguration, Our Lady Star of The Sea Commandery #825 and Ladies Auxiliary #691 hasn’t looked back Since.

Summarised History of the Knights of St. John International 

Following the end of the Civil War, there existed a real need for physical and spiritual healing. In 1879, these many organizations, including the Knights of St. George, the Knights of St. Paul, the Knights of St. Louis, and the Knights of St. John met to form a greater society of Knights. They met in Baltimore, Maryland and formed themselves into the Roman Catholic Union of the Knights of St. John, later shortened to the Knights of St. John. The Order was officially incorporated in the State of New York on May 6, 1886. They sought to care for spiritual, social and physical needs of their members and neighbors. In the pattern of the Knights of the Crusade, they cared for the victims of the war by forming a Widows and Orphan Fund.

The Order continued to grow and expanded into Canada, Panama, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Trinidad and Tobago and recently into England and Germany. In 1992, the name of the Order was officially changed to the Knights of St. John International to reflect the global structure of the Order. The Order took for itself a model and patron, St. John the Baptist. The fact that St. John was a testament and open witness of faith in an unbelieving world is appropriate for Knights in today’s selfish times.

The Knights of St. John International continue to witness their faith in God, through Jesus Christ, in their daily works of charity in the Church, their community, and their commandery.

Please note that we have a few standard requirements to join The Knights which are:

  1. Roman Catholic man over the age of 16.
  2. That you do not belong to any secret society forbidden by the Catholic Church.
  3. That you are recommended by your Pastor and a Knight of. St. John in good standing.

As a Knight of St. John, you are expected to join the rest of your brothers in seeking to attain the following goals:

  1. To cultivate a strong love for the Roman Catholic Church
  2. To advance the spiritual and material interests of the Church.
  3. To promote a filial respect for the authority of the Church.
  4. To foster fraternity among its Knights.
  5. Strive to improve the moral, mental and social condition of your fellow Knights.
  6. Aid, assist and support your fellow Knights, their family, and dependents when in need.
  7. Develop a love for Country.
  8. Extend to the whole world the spirit of goodwill.

At Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish, Knights and Ladies play an active part in the spiritual and physical development of the Church. You are sure to find Knights and Ladies playing various roles in the choir, lectors, ushering ministry. They also play a major role in various committees set up by the parish pastoral council. That is what is expected of any Knight or Lady; to give his all for God and Country.