KSJI Cadets & Junior Auxilliary

Star of the Sea Parish KSJI Cadets

The Knights of St. John Cadets  and Junior Auxilliary are the youth wing of the Knights of St. John International and Ladies Auxilliary. The cadets were inaugurated in January 2016 while the Junior auxilliary’s inauguration followed in August of the same year.

Guided by the Adults, the Cadets and junior auxilliary are groomed into responsible adults in the catholic church. Just like the Knights and Ladies auxilliary, the Cadets and junior auxilliary meet once every month on at the church premises to discuss outstanding issues and also learn about their faith. There is always an adult from the seniors to observe their meetings proceedings and report back. Due to this, there is a lot of discipline among members of the cadets and Juniors. Every cadet and junior is supervised by his sponsor- a Knight or Lady to ensure that they are on the right path to development.



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