A few years ago I saw a video of a flash mob where a Franciscan friar lifted the monstrance with the Blessed sacrament in the middle of a commercial area. He had an assistant who recounted all the books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelations and showed us where […]

“Jesus Is In Every ...

On November 1, 1950, Pope Pius XII defined the Assumption of Mary to be a dogma of faith: “We pronounce, declare and define it to be a divinely revealed dogma that the immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed […]

The Assumption of Mary

Cajetan was born at Vicenza, in 1480, of pious and noble parents, who dedicated him to our blessed Lady. From childhood he was known as the Saint, and in later years as “the hunter of souls” A distinguished student, he left his native town to seek obscurity in Rome, but […]


High on the holy mountain in today’s Gospel, the true identity of Jesus is fully revealed in HIS TRANSFIGURATION. Standing between Moses and the prophet Elijah, Jesus is the bridge that joins the Law of Moses to the Prophets and the psalms (Luke 24:24-27). As Moses did, Jesus climbs a […]

My Beloved Son: Listen ...

A tithe is a tenth of one’s income and tithing is the practice of contributing this amount to the support of religious institutions or of the needy. The practice had precedents among the ancient Near Eastern cultures and had a secular version as a tax for the support of the […]

Catholic teaching on tithe

What is your new life in Christ worth to you? Do you love His words more than gold and silver, as we sing in today’s Psalm? Would you, like the characters in the Gospel today, sell all that you have in order to possess the kingdom He promises to us? […]

The priceless treasure of ...