St. Thomas the Apostle

St. Thomas was one of the apostles of Jesus and he was also called ‘Doubting Thomas’. Even though St. Thomas entertained doubt about any miracle that happened without his presence, he was a very staunch believer of Christ. One day when Jesus was preparing to go to Judea to see the ailing Lazarus and other apostles advised Jesus not to go to Judea as the Jews may again stone Jesus, St. Thomas only said ‘Let us go, that we may die with him’ (John11:16). St. Thomas is said to be the only witness to the Assumption of Holy Virgin Mary into heaven. When the Holy Mary died, St. Thomas was held up elsewhere in missionary work but after her burial St. Thomas was taken to her tomb, where he witnessed her bodily assumption into heaven and she dropped her Girdle to St. Thomas.

Other apostles did not believe the bodily assumption of Holy Mary into heaven as told by St. Thomas until they saw the empty tomb and the girdle of Virgin Mary. Tradition says St. Thomas landed at the ancient port of Muzris, in Kodungalloor, in the Malabar Coast in India, at about 52 A.D. with the main intention of preaching the gospel to the Jews who lived there. When Jesus said during the discourse in the Last Supper that He was going to prepare a place for them (apostles), St. Thomas raised a doubt ‘Lord, we know not where you go, and how can we know the way?’. Jesus then declared ‘I am the way, truth, and life’ (John 14:1-6). Only due to the doubt raised by St. Thomas, Jesus declared to the mankind that He is the only way to go to heaven for anyone. When other apostles announced the resurrection of Jesus, St. Thomas said ‘Except I shall see in His hands the print of the nails and put my finger into the place of the nails and put my hand into His side, I will not believe’ (John 20:25). But when Jesus appeared after eight days and gently rebuked St. Tomas for his disbelief, Thomas Knelt down and said ‘My Lord, My God’. St. Tomas was also one of the seven apostles who was fishing on the Sea of Galilee when Jesus appeared to them. St. Thomas was killed by piercing his body with a spear on December 21, 72 near Chennai, Tamil Nadu India.

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