Tuesday Group

The Tuesday group consist of all parishioners who were born on a Tuesday regardless of the year the person was born. Members normally go by the name Kwabena, Kobina, Kobla for males and Abena, Abla, Ablavi etc for females depending on the tribe of the person.

Their slogan is Tuesday….. Pacesetters. They call themselves pacesetters because they always set the pace for most other groups to follow suit.

Just like other day groups, the Tuesday group meets after Mass every first Sunday of the month to deliberate on issues not limited to discussing the word of God, welfare issues, church projects and so on.  They also meet every 3rd Saturday of the month at the Perpetual Adoration Chapel to pray for the needs of the church, the Country, the group and themselves.

Annual Retreats are organized once a year to revive the spiritual life of members.

They look out for their sick and aged and pay them a visit once in awhile to make them feel belonged.

If you were born on Tuesday and haven’t joined this great family, what are you waiting for?

Fun Fact: The two Parish Priests, Rev. Fr. Thomas Betuyre and Rev. Fr. Sylvester Segbawu are both Tuesday Borns

Contact Persons:

Chairman –  Mr. Solomon Gao

Secretary-    Mr. Stephen Somuah

Send us an email at info@staroftheseaparish.org  if you need their contact numbers